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I’m Barry Clark – a business and sales coach who has spent three decades helping people like you perform better. 
A lot of this time was spent in full-time employment, working in advisory roles for a variety of companies to help them overcome obstacles and meet high targets. The problem was, I did it so well that my role always came to a natural end! After a few years, it was always time to find something new. 
I had been told for years that I should use my skills to work with clients on my own terms, rather than doing it for other people. So, in 2017, I decided to do just that – and founded Dunedin Consultancy. 
I’ve run massive teams and helped build multi-million-pound companies. Along the way, I’ve used every process in the business book, which has led to huge successes – and some mistakes. Being an expert simply means that I’ve already made all the mistakes and can guide you not to repeat those same mistakes
With every business I have helped to build, being able to sell to our customers has been essential. Yet, so many businesses I look at today invest time, money & resources into detailed marketing plans, only to underestimate the need to talk to their customers and to ask for the sale. But the great news is, I understand how to sell and I’ve been helping others to build confidence and implement the processes to achieve the sales success they deserve. 
I’ve written 2 books sharing my Signature Sales Process with readers, Selling Made Simple is written with the novice or nervous salesperson in mind. It helps you to master the basics of selling, without being salesy and helps you to develop a positive mindset towards selling. My second book, Winning More Sales follows on with an in-depth look at more advanced sales techniques, which my top-performing clients use daily, to effortlessly convert more sales and prospect for new customers.
Join me at Expo Scotland where I will help you to demystify the sales process and give you practical advice you can take away and implement today, to help you convert more contacts into paying customers. 

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