Mindset, Mood & Motivation – Getting you & your staff back on track

As things gradually open up, business owners and their staff will need to plan an effective way to return to the office in a way that ensures it meets both the needs of the employer and staff.

Many businesses have not renewed their lease or will opt to take on smaller premises with the view of a hybrid working model.  Staff may prefer or be asked to consider working from home in some capacity. There has been a huge increase in cases of feeling isolated, stressed, anxious and negative impact on mental health & well-being for those working from home.

In this practical and engaging short talk Professional Business & Confidence Coach, Lateef Badat of ALB Business & Confidence Coaching will share effective ways to help change and manage mindset towards this return.

You will learn effective ways to plan the return, maintain your resilience and have a team culture based around agile and flexible working.  This will improve staff morale, ensure staff retention that reflects in excellent customer service.

During the lockdown, Lateef has worked with business owners and their staff on developing effective solutions that have ensured a cohesive team culture and helped staff return back to the workplace. For those who have continued working from home, Lateef has helped them maintain a Positive Mindset, tools and techniques to deal with and manage stress and anxiety, improve confidence and getting their MoJo back to improve overall mental health & wellbeing.

Lateef is a SFEDI / IOEE qualified business mentor, advisor and coach specialising in helping creative, digital, media and tech business owners and their staff to transform their mindset and unlock their potential.  Lateef inspires lasting change that helps drive the business and people forward through dynamic one to one coaching and webinars/workshops.

Location: Live in the Seminar Area sponsored by Taurus Utility Consultants Date: 20th May 2021 Time: 12:45 pm - 1:15 pm Lateef Badat