Dr Katherine Bean

Dr Katherine Bean, has her PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Semiconductor Design and Chaos Theory. She worked at IBM on software and since then has gone on to architect, design and implement many bits of hardware and various software packages. She also works designing complete systems. She spent some time teaching engineering and management at universities across the full range of academic levels. This academic insight is coupled with years of practical management experience, enabling her to blend all these different skills together. This provides a unique insight into the process of business and how it can be transformed, it has led to the development of Business Hub 365, other custom business automation systems and the GREAT system for process transformation, amongst others.

Currently, she works consulting on productivity and how to implement technology; hardware and software; along with the necessary processes and procedures. Involving the people who make it work to improve productivity and ultimately the profitability of a business or organization. She works with businesses large and small, the key factor, is those who want to be better tomorrow than today. They are the ones who want to become exceptional.

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