Mindset, Action & Resilience

In his talk, Liam will be giving an insight into the three areas that have changed his life for the better; mindset, action & resilience. Every decision we have ever taken in our life has started with a thought, therefore our state of mind directly influences our quality of life. Many other speakers would focus almost entirely on mindset, however, Liam believes that without action and resilience, our mindset would not lead to any positive changes in our lives. Throughout his talk, Liam will be using examples from his own life to show the true power of these areas and will show his audience how to implement them into their own lives. If Liam can create a positive life in the face of extreme difficulties, so can you!

Location: Seminar Area 1 Date: 27th November 2019 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Liam McKelvie at Expo Scotland Liam McKelvie